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Announcing the Sports Accelerator Program

May 4 2021

We are now accepting applications for the Sports Accelerator Program! This opportunity was previously in a closed beta available for a small group of creators, and we are now welcoming all eligible applicants.

Our goal is to help more viewers discover creators who focus on “sports talk,” which includes podcasts, talk shows, reaction streams, sidecasts, watchalongs, news & events, draft picks, and more. This program is designed specifically for sports streamers to help implement streaming best practices and earn cash based on your channel’s growth.

Check out some of the awesome creators who are already part of the program:

Eligibility requires you to be an Affiliate and to achieve the following:

If you are interested in participating, please apply here. If you are eligible, we will email you with more information within thirty (30) days. If you would like to learn more about sports best practices, check out Creator Camp.

Happy Streaming!

Sports Accelerator Program FAQs

Q. How long will the accelerator last?

The terms of this program are available to approved participants and the policy may change subject to Twitch’s sole discretion.

Q. Is gaming content permitted within the twenty (20) hours of broadcast?

No. This program is designed to help promote talk-based formats. Only eligible content, streamed within the sports category, will be counted. You are welcome to stream whatever you like outside designated ‘sport’ hours but they won’t count towards your minimum. Sports talk content can be: podcasts, talk shows, reaction streams, sidecasts, watchalongs (where you have permission to show the event), news & events, draft picks, and more. 

Q. What happens if I don’t make the twenty (20) hour broadcast minimum in Sports during the month?

There is no penalty if you do not produce the minimum requirements in a given month, you will simply be ineligible for payment during that period.

Q: I don’t want to stream sports. Do you do this program for any other types of content?

The program is only available for sports creators at this time.

Q: Can I change to the Sports Category halfway through my stream?

Yes. The portion of your stream that was not broadcast in Sports will not be counted toward the program Hours Broadcast, but the portion that is within Sports will count.

Q. I’m a Partner. Can I take part?

This program is designed to help smaller streamers, so Partners are not eligible. However we are running a ‘buddy’ system that pairs partners with members of the accelerator. If that interests you please fill out this form.

Q. How much/When will I be paid?

There is a one hundred and fifty dollar ($150 USD) minimum monthly payout as long as you meet the minimum requirements. Apply to learn more. Payment terms are net forty-five (45) days following the end of the calendar month in which you started. For example, if you begin earning July 1st you will receive payment within 45 days of July 31st, by September 14th.

Q. Will I get support?

A Discord server has been set up for creators to support each other and Twitch staff will provide tips and education resources.

Q. Am I allowed to simulcast to other streaming services like YouTube Live?

As per the terms of the agreement, we don’t allow simultaneous casting of your stream to outside of Twitch. But you are allowed to post content outside of your Twitch stream after twenty-four (24) hours.

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