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New Easy Emote Management: All Your Emotes, One Page

Jan 26 2021

Since the very beginning emotes have been the go-to feature for brand building and a key part of the Twitch community experience. They’re so integral that it’s hard to imagine what Twitch or even the internet itself would look like without the iconic Kappa, Lul, Hey Guys, and millions more to discover and splash. But many creators have shared that managing emotes can be downright painful. From the difficulty of navigating the Creator Dashboard to locate emotes, an inconsistent upload experience, and difficulty reordering emote slots; we agree, this should all be much easier. Here’s how we’re simplifying emote management.  

You can now find all your emotes in one place. Uploading emotes is now a consistent experience across subscriber emotes, Bits tier emotes, and Cheermotes (Partners only). And rearranging emotes is now as simple as dragging and dropping. 

How to reach your new, one stop emote workshop: 

Before we start the tour, let’s get you over there first. Just head to your Creator Dashboard, and you’ll see a new section called Viewer Rewards. Click Viewer Rewards, then the Emotes tab. We have also moved Drops and Channel Points to this section, although there are no changes to the Drop or Channel Points experience.

All your emotes on the same page: 

And voila, now all your emotes appear on one page. No more diving through various menus to pull up each one. And by “all” emotes, we mean it, letting you view all tiers and types such as: Subscriber Emotes, Bits Tier Emotes, and Cheermotes (Partners only).

Easy uploading:

Emote upload slots are now front and center when you arrive on the Emotes page to get your newest creations out into the world. Just click the + to upload into the tier level of your choice, and then click Upload Emote to send your emote through the review process. And now your 10 most recent uploads are displayed so you don’t accidentally upload your new Rage emote twice.

Don’t delete and upload, drag and drop: 

Easily manage, delete and rearrange your emotes with the new interactive drag and droppable grid. Previously, rearranging a single emote in your lineup meant deleting and re-submitting all your emotes in that tier. Now just click on the grid and drag your emotes in the order you prefer. Or type in the number to warp your emote to wherever you want.

Help at every step: 


Links to help articles are now located at the top of each section, so help or a quick primer are just a click away. 

Welcome to emote management easy mode: 

Now you can find all your emotes in one place and managing emotes has never been easier. 

Oh, and one last thing. We have heard from the community that they want an emote library so creators can easily swap emotes in and out. It’s too early to announce a date, but we’re making that happen.

Happy creating!

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